Insurance Protocols

1List of Accepted Insurances

• Medicare (regular & some Advantage PPOs)

• Aetna (some plans)

• Cigna (Except for local plus)

• Humana

• Devoted (Tivity, Careplus, Heathways WholeHealth Networks)

• Optum

• United HealthCare

• Empire

• AARP (Advantage from United HealthCare)

• VA

• Blue Cross Blue Shield (PPO’s w OON benefits only)

2Insurances we DO NOT take
Insurances we DO NOT accept:

**If a client presents you with an insurance that is not on the accepted/ non accepted list, please seek Joan Torres &/or Cindy Rodgers for further information


• No Medicaid at all

• Oscar

• Ambetter

• Staywell

• Blue cross Blue shield

• Wellcare

• Freedom

• Simply

• Molina Healthcare

• Cigna Local Plus

• Any Disney insurances

• Sunshine health

• Aetna Meritian

• Tricare

3Clients Inquiring about Insurance

Advise the client that while we take insurance, they must have a medical condition and a script/referral is required. Even if they have original Medicare or a PPO (Ppen Access Plan):

**ALL insurance clients must provide the following:

*State issued ID or drivers license

*Insurance cards

*Script/referral by their doctor to receive treatment (ex. massage, acupuncture, Physical Therapy, ect)

Credit card on file at time of booking


**Insurance verification, this will be handled by the billing team (Ruth Anne & Paul Vick)

Once documents are scanned, email them to (Ruth Anne) and she will verify coverage. Place scanned documents in "Pending Insurance" folder in the file drawer.

4Client is inquiring about insurance verification they sent through our Website

Check email for any forwarded insurance verification, If a verification has not been uploaded to the client's profile, forward to Joan Torres / Cindy Rodgers for further verification.

*Set the right expectation with the client, advise verifications may take several days to complete.

5Insurance clients with limited visits

Some insurance policies will only have a limited amount of acupuncture and/ or massage visits allowed. The billing team will make sure that all Mindbody profiles are notated with the correct amount of visits

Front desk responsibilities:

*verify that amount of visits remaining are notated in the clients appointment

*make the customer aware of the amount of visits they have left in every booking

*Advise the customer that while we can appeal for additional visits, it is not guaranteed. Encourage them to attempt to get more visits through their PCP and Insurance carrier.

6What is a Script / Prescription?

A prescription (a.k.a. an order) is a directive from a physician as to the therapy services a particular patient should receive for a specific condition or diagnosis. Some insurance plans—specifically those that do not allow for direct access—may require that a patient receive a prescription from an MD prior to obtaining specialist services.

Prescriptions must include:


*Number of visits recommended by physician (this may change based on treatment)

*Signature of referring physician

7What is an Authorization?

Health insurance company authorizing or giving written approval (documented approval) for the client to be seen by a specialist. The client must go to their PCP and request that they contact their health insurance company to initiate the preauthorization process.

Authorizations must include:

*Authorization number

*Diagnosis codes

*Referring physician signature

8Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage

Medicare is available for people ages 65 or older, younger people with disabilities, people with Lou Gehrig's disease (also called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS) and people with end-stage renal disease (permanent kidney failure requiring dialysis or transplant).

Original Medicare comes in two parts: Part A and Part B. Part A covers a portion of hospitalization expenses, and Part B applies to doctor bills and other medical expenses, such as lab tests and some preventive screenings.

But some individuals may find better value in Medicare Advantage plans. Such plans are run by private insurance companies regulated by the government, and they must offer coverage that's comparable to Original Medicare parts A and B. Most Medicare Advantage plans also include prescription drug coverage, called Part D, which is also available to beneficiaries who keep Original Medicare. With Original Medicare, patients are able to see any provider in the country that accepts Medicare with no restrictions.

Cancellation Policy


There is no cancellation fees for VA paid services such as Massage/PT and Acupuncture. If the Veteran has booked another appointments outside of VA paid services, the regular cancellation policy applies.

**Note: although there is no fee, if a veteran cancels same day, with the exception of a medical emergency, they will loose the visit for that day

2Cancellations within 24 hours (same day cancellations)

If the clients call within less than 5 hours of their appointment time, 100% charge will apply.

Calls within 24 hours (19 hours or more from appointment time)

-Insurance clients $35

-Cash/reg. pay clients: 50% of the cost of service

-First time pre-paid clients: 50% of the cost of service

* If we are able to fill that spot before end of day, we can waive the cancellation for the client *

3No Call No Show

Insurance Clients: 100% of the cost of services booked

Cash/reg. pay clients: 100% of the cost of services booked

Pre-paid first appointments: 100% of the cost of services booked.

* If we are able to fill that appointment slot, we can waive the cancellation for the client *

4Strenuous Situations/ Emergencies Cancellation Waiver

In the event of a medical emergency, natural disaster or bereavement cancellations fees will be waived.

**Note: if the appointment was cancelled due to a therapist/aesthetician not showing up the waiver will apply**

5Leaving while receiving service
If a client decides to leave in the middle of the service or after check in, they will be responsible for 100% of the services booked.


1Veteran Discounts
Veterans and their immediate family members can enjoy 20% off on all spa services. Criteria: Only immediate family members such as spouse or children qualify for 20% discount. (no parents) They must show military I.D. before discounts can be applied.
2V.I.P. Discounts
6 month membership: 10% 12 month membership: 15% All Spa services qualify for VIP discounts except Medical Marijuana and Body Contouring **NOTE: When client chooses a service that is longer than 1 hour, deduct the % discount first, then deduct the $65 for the pre-paid membership
310% First Visit Discount

10% can be offered to close a sale/booking for first time clients ONLY the 10% discount is applied FIRST before gift card can be applied.

**Note: Stackable with $25 gift card registration as long as the client spends over $100**


*First time Acupuncture visits

4$25 Website Registration Discount
Clients who register online will receive a $25 gift card. Criteria: *Must register online *Must only be used during their first visit *Client must show the front desk staff a copy of the email with their name *Client must spend over $100 in order to qualify *Stackable with 10% first time visit discount. No Gift Card number is necessary
515% off Flyer (First time Visit)
Grand Opening flyers were given to medical offices and businesses in our shopping plaza. There is no expiration and its only ONE TIME USE per client. **Note: this discount is not stackable with the 10% off first time visit discount**
6"We Miss you" Discount
Clients will receive an e-mail six months after their last visit with a 15% off offer. This offer is ONLY valid for 30 days after the email is sent.
7"Just Checking in" discount
Mindbody sends this email out each evening to clients who qualify to receive a 15% discount on their next visit, usually sent every three months.

IV Therapy Protocols

1What is IV Infusion Therapy?

Infusion therapy — also known as IV therapy — involves administering fluids and vitamins intravenously. This is done by injecting a needle/catheter directly into the patient’s arm. It allows for much more efficient delivery of hydration directly and vitamins directly into the bloodstream. As a result, there’s a higher absorption rate and you can obtain relief faster.


IV Pre-screening questions

Have you had IV therapy before?

If yes, which one?

Was it used to treat any medical concerns/issues?

Do you have or have you had a history of Port placement, Heart, Liver, Kidney problems, or history of or current diagnosis of Cancer?

Do you have any issues with blood draw such as:

• Difficulty finding veins

• Weak or Small Vein

• Rolling Veins

***If yes

Do you have a history of fainting during blood draw?

*If client answered YES to any of the above questions, relay the information to Larkisha Mitchel or Sarah Bogucki, and they will call the client to determine if they are still a candidate for IV Therapy.

Verbiage: “I will be more than happy to book the appointment and have one of our Liaisons call you back to ask additional questions and they will determine if you are still a candidate for IV”

*If client is booked, advise them to bring a list of current prescriptions medications as well as any nutritional products (vitamins).

if not, book accordingly

3Contraindications - Cannot book IV Therapy


Allergic and intolerant to compounds


Chemo patients

Congestive Heart Failure

G6PD deficiency, also known as Favism, should not receive IV high dose Vitamin C because it can cause hemolytic anemia

4IV Therapy through the Ultra Package

If client pre-paid for the Ultra Package, but is not a candidate for IV therapy, you may replace the IV with another one hour service (not worth more than $75)

Botox/ Fillers Appointments

1How much is Botox?

Botox is currently charged at $9.50 per unit. a $50 Botox Consult fee will be charged at time of booking. This amount can then be applied to the amount of units the client receives.


2How many units does the client need?

We CANNOT give medical advise to clients on a possible treatment or units needed, advise the client that the doctor will tell them the recommended amount of units at the time of service.

Suggested Verbiage:

"The doctor will advise you on how many and if any additional units are needed during your Botox appointment"

3Consent and forms required for Botox/Fillers

*Botox consent form

*Covid-19 Waiver

4Botox Consultations

Botox consultations are $50, which can then be applied to the total botox units purchased by client.

Recommended Verbiage if the client asks for consult:

"The doctor will advise on the necessary treatment/ and amount of units the day of your appointment, not additional consult is needed"

5Who is a good candidate for Botox?

Suggested Verbiage:

The doctor may decide that you are a good candidate for Botox if:

You have moderate to severe facial wrinkles.

The wrinkles are located in areas that Botox can treat, such as around or between the eyes, on the forehead, or around the neck.

Your general health is good.

You have realistic expectations for improvement.

6Who Is NOT a Good Candidate for Botox?

Suggested Verbiage:

You are allergic to any ingredient in Botox or another botulinum toxin product.

You have a skin infection at the planned site of injection.

You are pregnant or breast-feeding.

You have a muscle or nerve condition such as ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) or myasthenia gravis.

You have a severe illness or infection.

7Botox Cancellation Policy and Fees

If clients cancels botox appointment 24 hours prior, he/she may use the $50 credit for their next appointments

if clients cancels same day/ or no co no show, Client forfeits the $50 consult fee (non refundable) and CANNOT apply to their next visit

**If the client showed up to their appointment but decided not to get the service, a $50 Office Visit Fee will apply, this can be applied to their future botox visit as a credit.**

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